The way it goes.

So I’m still only moving slowly since my plateau, although for reasons called the “Ball” I have feeling quite comfortable with my body at the moment.  Don’t getme wrong i still have fuck loads to lose, but I sent pictures to a few of my friends about a decision with my ball outfit and around 90% of them said it looked awesome.  ^_^

I must admit, without being self indulgent and patting myself on the back, I quite like that I have less of a round shape – It makes me feel confident, and this is the first time since the weight loss that I’ve had this.  So it’s a very nice change.

Thought I’d drop by to say this, because I haddn’t blogged in a few days.

Who knows, tomorrow I may even put up pictures to show the difference between the two.

Oh and another thing from this ball experience, while I’m here, is I put on pants that I wore on all my pracs last year that were snug.  I almost feel as if I was in a Jenny Craige advert holdingmy pants out infront of me, and they were soo baggy.

So, my wallet doesn’t love me this week, but my self perception does.  Bring on the next challenge – the next ten kilo’s.


xx Action Wolfe


~ by actionwolfe on July 9, 2010.

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