Relapses and Bad Habbits.

Today I spent the day with good intentions as I have for almost a months now.  I ate healthy at breakfast, 200 cal, and then a 200 cal worth of soup for lunch with 150cal of wholegrain bread.  A coffee between the two of them.

I have done a similar thing most days but mostly had salad and protein for my lunch time meal.

Then the world came to an end, tornadoes ripped up the earth and life as we knew it ended.

Not really, I’m not taking it that much of a set back.

My friend who has lost 15kilos told me last week “Don’t be shocked and think what’s wrong with you when you have a day where you just want to keep eating and eating and eating.  You will have days where you cave in.”

Today was the first day like that in my life change.

Okay, so I didn’t eat a whole cake, followed by a packet of TimTams or packets of lollies.  However, I did eat 1/4 of a packet of chips.  Yes that’s still lame, at the same time I’m looking at it as not a landslide.

For dinner I had sushi and steamed pork dumplings, which is relatively healthy.

The point of this is I’m getting back on the horse.  There will be days like this.  People who aren’t struggling with weight loss will not understand the mental challenges people on strict diets face.  They think it’s simple to just stop eating.

Yes it is, but that’s not a permanent solution.  That defaults you back to binge eating.

Changing your lifestyle is the way to get fit and stay fit for life.

Kate Moss once said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and got blasted for it.

I’ve had my first moments where I’ve gone “I don’t feel like the elephant in the room any more.  I feel normal.”  Those feelings cannot be replaced by any food in the world.  As wrong as what Kate Moss said is wrong, it is so true to an extent.

xx Action Wolfe


~ by actionwolfe on June 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Relapses and Bad Habbits.”

  1. You have a positive outlooks about weight loss. You can’t deprive yourself too much, otherwise you’ll only focus on what you are missing. So you had chips today. Okay. Tomorrow is another day. At least you didn’t eat the whole cake and the whole bag of chips and the lollies and . . . for the dumb Americans, what are TimTams? (They sound delicious.)

    • TimTams are deffinately diet breakers :P

      They are two chocolate buiscuits with like a choc creamy type centre… coated in chocolate (so chocolate with chocolate and chocolate). I think they are an aussie thing…. if you ever try them, try it where you bite the corners diagonally across from each other a drink tea through it, then eat it. Bahaha. Deff worse than what I ate.

      Yeah – Today is another day, been good. Except feeling blah because no exercise makes me frumpy. ^_^ That’s okay coz I’m going to body combat tonight.

      xx Action wolfe

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