Weekend High

I left you guys on a cliffhanger.  Surprisingly wasn’t surprised but still was interesting.  Now I have so much to talk about.

I am going to try to write this into a logical order… but I’m not to sure any of the weekend was too logical.

First things first…. I can now be called Mr.Wolfe, as I have passed my unit at university.  This is incredible.  So much pressure lifted from me all in one text, as I got my room mate to check it while I was out of net range.  This means no more assignments, not more broke uni student wallet and having an excuse.  No more all night writing sessions trying to get that extra 10% in assignments.  Best of all, I can start to put my plans into motion.  I had three sets of plans, this one is by far my favorite.  Before I get to that point I have so much paperwork to hand in for final certification.  Still…. I can smell it it’s that close on the horizon.

After finding all this out, seeing one of my closest friends, getting new glasses (what’s a transformation without new ones) I went clothes shopping for the first time since the start of my transformation.  I am a size smaller / between sizes in some cases.  Some jeans were megga tight in one size then huge in the next one up.  I finally found a cheap pair (as why spend money on something that wont fit in a few weeks).  I bought a business shirt that was a size smaller, and jeans a size smaller.  I felt deterred even though the size is smaller than normal, I think it was because I got a tad excited thinking I would be further along.  10 Kilos and only one size down?  This surprised me.  At the same time it’s not like woman’s clothes where there is a size for every even number, it is 5 sizes for males… then you get into the Mr.Big section where I have bought from before.  So I’m back down in a section I’m not embarrassed to shop in.

That night I wore my new clothes and hit the town with my old country town mates.  It was the best night out I have had in a while.  I had a new confidence that I can’t explain.  I wasn’t a prick to people and full of myself, at the same time I met so many new people I maybe wouldn’t have met if I had held back, scared of what they think of me. In fact I got talking to a Canadian guy that was really nice.  He sat down and we talked for a good 25 minutes.  No number… I have to get out of the habit of forgetting to ask.  At the same time I feel he could have asked, it’s not just my issue.

I have decided to stop the daily weigh ins, even though they do keep me more motivated.

I’m going to limit it to two-three times a week then cut it back again.  I’m about to take my measurements and judge my weight loss from there, as I just got some weights to start working on my arms (they are too thin for my liking now) so am going to build and tone a tad more through the week.

I also started writing a new novel…. for the first time the story is laid out inside my head before I start to write.  This makes it all the more exciting when I can slam two chapters out per night.  ^_^  Yeow.

I shall check back in with you guys tomorrow or Wed.

Thanks guys.

Action Wolfe xx


~ by actionwolfe on June 28, 2010.

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