This will be a quick blog before I leave from work.

This weekend I’m going to my hometown to catch up with friends and family.  However, this weekend is also the weekend uni results are released.  I am currently repeating a unit which I failed in my last semester of university, which means I’ve had to stay at uni 6 more months.  Just before the exam I received an assignment back where I scored 50% and put pressure ontomy exam marks.  Hopefully I have passed.

I’ve been going through two scenarios, passing and failing, and I know either way the world is going to end.  Which is how I felt last time.  Last time it was a shock, this time I know it is a possibility so either way it comes hopefully I will deal with it well.  Not to mention not fuck up my awesome Saturday night I have planned.

The reason I felt the need to blog this is so you know where I’m coming from with the next blog post as it will be over 3 days away. 

Another reason was because today was the first day since the start of my body overhaul I have thought about something else rather than being fit and healthy.  It’s wearing me down slowly, university.  At the end of the day this six months has seen me through some very strong personal development.  I am a stronger person because of it.  I have learnt that when life kicks you down and takes a dump on your face that it’s okay to be sad about it, as long as you stand up and wash it off with disinfectant and keep trying and making goals to reach along the way.

Life to me, I have realised, has to me goal orientated.  Otherwise it just becomes a monotonous blur.

Goodbye for now,

Action Wolfe. xx


~ by actionwolfe on June 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Results”

  1. Waiting with bated breath to see how you did…. And hope last night was as awesome as anticipated.


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