Magic Pills.

So – the visit to the doctor went well.  It confirmed I was doing the right thing, but at the same time has got me all confused.  I have been weighing myself on my scales at home and have lost 9kg.  When I weighed in at the doctors I have lost 13kg.  Ok – I know a weight is a weight, but when it is one of your goals you monitor it.  I’ve decided to say I’ve lost the middle ground of the two when people ask.

I think people are seeing the weight come off me so fast and think “Wow, his doctor gave him magic pills!  I want some of them.”  To those people, get fucked (bahaha).  I have had a total eating overhaul, as well as dragging my arse off the couch every single day and doing some form of exercise.  It’s been fucking hard work.  True if I hadn’t had the pill I wouldn’t be as far along as I am, but the thing is I have learnt so much about my body in 3 weeks than I have in my whole lifetime.  I have read all the blogs and cases where people have lost 15kg and then came off the tablets and piled it all back on again.  I know the risks, but they also don’t mention any full on lifestyle changes.  The difference here is that I have, and also I refuse to turn back the clock and be that heavy EVER again.

The biggest positive that my doctor could have told me today however he did.  All my life my blood pressure has been high for my age.  Being a bigger boy, although I hate it when people refer to overweight people as ‘big boy’, my heart was under stress trying to circulate my blood.  Today my blood pressure sits at a normal healthy range, in two months I go back in and get my cholesterol checked.  Hopefully it has gone down because my family history shows high cholesterol is a common occurrence in our genes.

This makes me incredibly happy.

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is seeing if my snoring stops once my weight decreases.  I don’t know that I do it, but people can’t stand to sleep next to me when I’m sounding like a chainsaw in their ear.  Haha.

Oh well, I think I need to sleep.

My mind is too overactive for this time of night.

xx Action Wolfe.


~ by actionwolfe on June 24, 2010.

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