At the moment, during my transition through life itself and the corrections I’m making to my lifestyle, I am having moments where time stands still. I am waiting for my Uni results to start putting my three possible life directions I have planned in my life. The other thing is me waiting and bring patient with the weight loss. Both are processes that I set in motion, both are processes that I wish happened earlier in my life, both are processes which are going to be long in the meantime if I’m not patient both can revert back to what they were previously.

These speed bumps in life make who you are. The make you who you are. They have made me thick skinned, ambitious and goal orientated. I have all the reasons in the world to go through with all this.

This isn’t why I’m scared of who I’m becoming, but rather scared because I love who I once was, love who i am at the present time, but how much change can happen before other things are affected in good and bad ways? The last week my weight has hardly changed compared to the first two weeks. I can feel the muscle development and the fat reducing in my body. I know it’s ok to stay the same weight if it’s building muscle, as muscle weighs three times more than fat, but all my life the scales have been the deciding factor that has affected me more than any thing else. They are a judge that simply says what it’s programed to whether it be good news or bad.

I know it’s wrong to think that, but attempting to feel positive when the numbers aren’t changing is frustrating. It is happening, and this will take time. The most important thing for anyone else, also myself, to remember is that life changes are not just physical. If you have mental strength you have more ability to go through with any goals you set. I decided today that having weightloss as my only long term goal wasn’t healthy, so have made another goal for this time period too, but I shall share that with you another day. Doctors tomorrow, first weight in, let’s see how this goes.

With food diary in hand and a fresh jogging session in my stride, wish me goodluck.

Xx Action Wolfe


~ by actionwolfe on June 23, 2010.

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